CREATION Health uses the eight universal principles of health and encompasses the whole person – mentally, physically and spiritually:

Choice – the first step toward  improved health
Rest and Relaxation
Environment – our external world that affects what happens within us
Activity and Exercise
Trust in God addresses the relationship between emotional and physical health
Interpersonal Relationships – KoolKuna Connection uses horses to help us learn more about ourselves and therefore improve our interpersonal relationships
Outlook creates reality.   Our mind influences our body and our attitude impacts our health
Nutrition – the fuel that drives the whole system

The CREATION Health Lifestyle has a long, proven history of wellness and longevity worldwide.  As a community incentive, KoolKuna Connection presents free health, lifestyle and plant food preparation programmes that follow these principles at their facility in Stanmore.  Merril and her husband, David, both hold a Cert IV in Presenting Community Health Education Programmes.  Please send an enquiry / expression of interest or watch our Events Calendar for upcoming programmes

Koolkuna Connection