Our qualified coach is experienced with teaching students of various ages the basics of riding and horsemanship as a platform to take you to any specialty area you choose.  We focus on building an effective and harmonious relationship with the horse using relationship skills, body language, emotions and seat.

Whether you are young or old, a first-time rider, returning to riding or just want to build confidence and more effective communication skills, you will find our coach and horses provide a relaxed and supportive environment to do so.

Beginner riders are to complete our Certificate in Beginner’s Horsemanship that runs over three sessions, costs $120 and covers:

Communication and Body Language
Herd Dynamics and Leadership
Haltering, Leading, Tying Up, Grooming and Letting a Horse Go

Riding Lessons:  $60 / hour for individual lessons;  $40 / hour for group lessons of 2-6 riders

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