Our property in the beautiful Somerset Region provides a peaceful and pleasant environment for equine activities.  Horses have always been a major part of Merril’s life and she has enjoyed sharing the experience with many others.  She is certified as a Level I Horseriding Coach, Trail Ride Leader, Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, First Aid Administrator and holds a Child Safety Blue Card.

Another passion in her life has been lifestyle health and she worked in Chronic Disease Management and health promotion as a Registered Nurse and volunteer for many years.   One thing that became very evident in that work is the strong link between physical health and emotional health.  So for the latter part of her career, Merril has chosen to focus on providing opportunities for people to experience the joy of being with horses and facilitate learning and healing opportunities in the presence of these beautiful animals.  “Horses nuzzle their way into our hearts and have a way of teaching us a lot about ourselves, about life, and even about God” (Cara Whitney).   Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy is growing in popularity and Merril networks with other facilities to share knowledge, skills and specialty opportunities. David shares that passion and together they have provided a facility with experiences offering memorable and life-changing activities.

Koolkuna Connection